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Description:   Design Beautiful Family Tree With Ease.
Map your family history and keep it for future generations.
Give your genealogy search a professional look.
Heritio creates a representative family tree.
A family tree that grows with you.

Easy to create
Input your data via simple and clear dialogs.

Professional look
Explore some professional, beautiful, design templates.

Your tree your way
Generate impressive charts with an artistic touch.

Sharing documents
Share, print and edit your family search anytime.

How does it work?
Download HERITIO 15 day trial version.
This free plan includes all features.
Use a quick and easy way to enter your family's records.
Choose the design template you like the most.

HERITIO generates a professional chart.
Your family tree can be shared online or saved as high-resolution pictures and printed.
Your genealogy search can be edited, completed with more information anytime later and shared in its new updated format again.

Edit family records with an ease
Visual drag & drop family tree builder immediately applies a preselected design template on all your edits.

Share your family tree online
Embed your family tree into your website. Upload the HTML to your website or create an account and share the family tree on webpage.

Save your family tree in your computer
Your family tree is saved in printing high quality suitable for large format printing. Print it at home, but also on a professional printer.

An archive is maintained for each person in the family tree
Archive photos, addresses, or notes for every person of your family tree.

Easy to edit
All records can be displayed in a table format. This makes your database easy to edit.

Add unusual relationships notes
Complete your family tree with specific notes, unusual relationships or add pets.

GEDCOM compatible
Load and save family data in GEDCOM format.

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